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Nguyễn Vinhsơn

There are many ways to study a language. However, to learn a language well, you have to love the language and the culture that surrounds it. Before I studied Spanish at Probigua I had already taken multiple Spanish classes in college. It wasn't until I was immersed in a culture that had Spanish as its primary language that I fell in love with the language. Probigua offered me the opportunity for one on one tutoring catered to my level and interest. I also lived with a home-stay family that gave me the opportunity to get to know Guatemalan culture on a more personal level, not to mention the ability to practice conversationally. Finally, Antigua is a wonderful place to be. The city is beautiful and alive with culture. There is always something going on; be it large festivals with live music and fireworks, solemn religious processions, or even book fairs. Probigua is an amazing community that allows you to immerse yourself into a culture and fall in love with a language.

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