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Learn Spanish

In Guatemala

*Individual lessons with qualified teachers from four to seven hours a day or " Only for Advanced " the opportunity to study in small groups of two to four students to learn more about the culture and history of the country.

*Daily activities (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) with students and teachers to enhance the skills gained in a restful environment .
The possibility of living with a local family to learn more about the culture and to use the language.
Tours where YOU can use the language in everyday situations.

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Help Children

In Guatemala

With the price you pay for your lessons help us to open libraries in small towns where people can borrow books with difficulty. Further we help to very poor students scholarships . These objectives do not make more expensive your spanish lessons. Our price is compatible with other schools. If you are interested in volunteering , we can help you to find projects where you can work . We can mediate work not only in our project but also in other social and educational projects .


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Learn Spanish in Antigua Guatemala. Our spanish school offers Spanish Immersion Language Courses and the chance to live with a guatemalan family for an unforgettable cultural experience.

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